Now Booking 2019

Filling in the calendar is always fun and this year we have many exciting events on the docket – you should get in on this!

With past clients like Chipotle, Redbull, Macy’s, Shedd Aquarium, Gallagher Way @Wrigley Field, Adler Planetarium, Navy Pier, Lollapolooza and hundreds more, this promises to be our most creatively colorful year in a decade!

Think you can’t be a part? Don’t assume anything! After all creative thinking and fun is a staple of this business! I’m looking for new clients to add to the schedule throughout 2019… Your event/idea is perfect.

“Don’t leave me hangin!”

I knew you wouldn’t – in fact, I’ll work extra hard to make sure you get included… The more you work with me and let me do what I do best, the more I’ll give you a great deal… Sound like a deal?

Next move: call me at 312.233.2620 to run your idea by me. 

Let make it a great and creatively awesome year together!

Family Entertainment, General, PUBLIC EVENTS, Schools

pics! West Aurora March 23!

3D artwork at West Aurora High School on the eve of March 23, 2019 for the 40th Anniversary Huntley Brown Concert featuring the Covenant Choir from Covenant Christian School.

#huntleybrown posed on my #piano #3Dchalk #chalkart #chicagochalkchamp after the #40year #celebration #event at #westaurorahighschool for #covenantchristianaurorail #covenantchristianacademy


Family Entertainment, General, PUBLIC EVENTS

Naperville ART FAIRE 2019

Come experience the mind bending illusion based artwork of the Chicago Chalk Champ, Shaun Hays, this June 22 & 23. Shaun will be demonstrating his extemporaneous, freehand mastery of the 3D anamorphic drawings that have made him famous! Photos interacting with the illusion are a must for your summer to do list!

The Naperville Woman’s Club host the Naperville Art Fair each year inside Naper Settlement with 130+ artist on display. This year, will mark the 60th year of this fest!!

Stroll through the vendors, see demonstrations and enjoy the beautiful historic landscapes… all while attending the longest running juried art show in Illinois!

Go to Naperville Woman’s Club website


Let’s Do This! 2019

Just when you thought it was over…

I seriously have talked about shutting it all down. I mean, my knees have taken enough!!


But it seems the public has different ideas.

I really should be grateful, and I am (I’m ecstatic) because my calendar is filling up like crazy and the offers keep pouring in for work.

This is what every artist dreams of: do what they love HOW they love to do it and to have people searching them out without even advertising! I took a job for a year driving a bus for more steady work and fit events in between regular shifts and over weekends, but the chalk it calls to me. My wife keeps looking at me saying “wow” as we try to get a handle on the calendar. While I’m certainly not closing doors to any future steady work opportunities, it seems that 2019 is full steam ahead for CHALK!

Look out we are only gonna get better!!

Here’s a review of some of the latest chalk masterpieces created by yours truly. Enjoy!


Sign verbiage for event

Use these words to create/edit your own sign(s) to put near my artwork:

How to create the perfect photo with (Shaun Hays’s/ChicagoChalkChamp’s) 3D chalk art:

Needed – 2 people and any camera (yes, phones and tablets work!)

***Subject/person/individual #1***

Stand on the art work like this- (insert photos) you can try several poses but please allow others a turn (outdoor festivals – no drinks or food on chalk)

(Note: if you sit or lay on fresh chalk, it may stain clothing)

***Camera holder/individual #2***

Find the mark (red/orange, etc) on the ground. The mark is typically 6 feet from the drawing. Hold camera/phone at normal eye level. It’s best to get the whole area – don’t zoom in too much.

Take photos from that mark for desired 3D perspective effect. The effect is designed to trick the camera.

For additional fun, take a photo of the art from a different (incorrect) angle – like from the side. This will show people who can’t see it in person that it truly is flat.

(Insert Photos)

About the Artist

Shaun Hays is an internationally recognized professional chalk artist who has been creating amazing art for nearly 20 years. He is a freehand artist who continues to push the boundaries of street art and chalk around the world, but started right here, in Chicago. To see more of Shaun’s 3D chalk art, visit:

If you have fonts/branding your marketing team wants to use to make everything flow, this should help, but if you need me to make a poster/sign let me know.


Art to help Orphans

This original Art saved lives in Uganda.

This piece is 18″ x 24″. It features a moonlit seashore and a Nautilus shell.

One of my all time favorites inspired by another artist. Much love went into the creation and preservation of this piece.

It sold to a wonderful friend after I posted this:

#chalk and #pastel on #boguspaper a #rework of an #oldpiece from #2003 that #survived the #upheaval that has been #mylife these past 15 years. Gonna #auction it to help my #orphans in #uganda. (needed for basic food and shelter $700 immediately. This is monthly expense but truly need $1600 each month to do what is right for them and change their future… donations are not coming in. So, Art goes on Auction!)

Here I am presenting it to her:

Thank you Kaye for giving this special piece a wonderful home and for helping the cause!

The Ebenezer Orphanage is forever grateful for your contributions.