About Shaun Hays, Chicago Chalk Champ

Shaun Hays, Chicago Chalk Champ demonstrates the illusion he created with chalk on a flat surface. Shaun Hays stops for a picture mid way thru a work He says shows the amount of knowledge and study required to be great: “it certainly doesn’t all come from books, but listening and gaining from others experience will always lift you higher”, says Shaun

You’ve seen his work, now meet the man responsible for many of the Street Art Illusions passed around the internet.

(Originally posted 2018)

How did you find yourself doing this? “I was always gifted in art, even when I was too lazy to work hard to develop it. Everyone loved the things I did – even if I wanted to fix it. Eventually, I started doing street inspired chalk paintings and people were fascinated watching my creations develop in a matter of minutes. I trained several students who took it around America and incorporated it into speeches and other shows. I still do that in Schools and corporate events. It makes an important impact on any event. as I would travel, I began to see pictures of Julian Beaver’s work and then Kurt Wenner. I was fascinated and challenged myself to do it. I’m always looking for a way to be at the front of a movement. I love it.”

How long have you been doing this professionally? “About Twenty years, but it only been in the last 10 years that this has been the main income. It sort of became a monster that took me on a ride. haha! I still give many Keynote presentations throughout the year and teach chalk art techniques in various schools/seminars Nationwide, but for a guy who lives for variety, I love it when I’m doing something I’ve never done… like a world’s first.”

Lets talk about that. You’ve created some pretty impressive firsts. “Yes, its probably my strength…I was asked if I could create a functioning QR code in the 3D style …and it was supposed to work. They needed smart-phones to scan it from a long distance – about 2o feet away – and that would take them to a website. They were told that if anyone could do this, I could. Well, I HAD to rise to that reputation, and I did. It still stands as the world’s first and ONLY functional QR Code done in 3D Chalk. In 2016, we were mid development of three enormous works for a major museum in Chicago that incorporated Augmented Reality which allowed actors to climb out of my artwork and interact with those viewing it by mobile device. Funding was cut, so we stopped the work. I hope to soon incorporate Augmented Reality for iPad and Smartphones into my future works.  Since then, I have created new methods for artists, new Indoor/Outdoor canvases that can be sealed for foot traffic and weather. We’ve been testing them at live events in Chicago and NYC with perfect results. Now I’m developing Champ Chalk and heading up new Chalk Art festivals.”

Describing himself as “a bit of a Renaissance Man” Shaun dives headlong into many ventures in a way very few can do. His multitude of disciplined talents finds him traveling the World as a 3D Chalk Artist, Creative Thought Leader, Consultant to leaders in many fields, Missionary, Motivational Keynote Presenter, Festival Coordinator, and much more! Sound confusing? Shaun wears the various hats effortlessly and with true effectiveness.

“I was always bored with the prospect of life the way it was presented in typical venues. Something told me we could all be living life fuller… not just getting more stuff. I have always found more wealth in what I do than in what I take home from a ‘job’. The wealth of this world is in people and experiences.”

Shaun successfully speaks to international groups on overcoming challenges and living everyday with strategy. “If you know how you function best, you can eliminate needless waste of energy and emotional baggage. This will establish your path to the BEST YOU”.

To connect with Shaun for your event, please call: 1(312)233-2620



5 Comments Add yours

  1. shaunhays says:

    Marco I typically don’t come out for anything less than $1000 – where are you located?


  2. Hello Shaun,
    I am interested in learning more about your artwork and receiving a proposal for some holiday themed art this winter. Could you give me a call at your earliest convenience? Thank you in advance and I ill forward to connecting soon.


  3. shaunhays says:

    Ashley, glad the files came through! Im here to serve in anyway that can make your event spectacular!


  4. Tim Baker says:

    Hi. Am looking to talk to you about presenting to Operation Snowball chapter. Could you reach out to me via my email?



  5. shaunhays says:

    Tim, how are things these days? Do you still work with Snowball?


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