The Next Creative Chapter!

Shaun Hays Teaches and Lectures

The creativity WILL continue!

Since I announced the close of the 3D chalk art chapter, I have had several disappointed people approach me telling me that I MUST find a way to continue to share my gift(s) with the public.

I have assured them you have not seen the last of my creativity in the public sector, but, until I’m ready to go full public again…

Wait for it

I’ll be teaching art in a newly launched high school called the Technology and Arts Academy where students learn from instructors as well as professionals at the top of their respective fields.

I am partnering with wonderful leadership from Covenant Christian School and Judson College to assist in launching the Technology and Arts Academy in Aurora, IL.

I will be phasing into a larger creative role later, but, I have much to sort through with the board and college to make it happen. Meanwhile I will be teaching art class a few times a week as we go through the changes.

I’m so excited to be working with these gifted teens in high school to prepare them for their futures as creative leaders!

I will keep you posted from time to time about my experiences at school!

Shaun Hays, professional chalk artist and teacher. Aka Chicago Chalk Champ from 2010-2020

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  1. Cindy Lane says:

    Yes! I am thrilled for you, my friend. This sounds like a good fit for you. You will be able to share your talents and experiences with young people who need a solid influence in their lives. I am thrilled for them to reap the benefits as well.
    God bless you, Shaun
    Cindy Lane

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  2. shaunhays says:

    Thank you Cindy! I’m thrilled too!

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