LaborDay Weekend Pictures

This weekend was a hot mess! Haha it was physically hot and I made a huge mess creating artwork for two events. I really shouldn’t push myself like this… I know. I kept hydrated and as cool as was possible considering my health. Here are pictures from both Kewannee Hog Days (Sunday Sept. the 6th – “on top of the world”) and from Owensboro, KY (Saturday, Sept. The 5th – “Rivers in the Wasteland”)  


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  1. Jean Metzger says:

    This is REALLY neat!! Saw you will be in Morton, IL on Sat. Aug 20 (this week). I am going to contact my granddaughters to see if they are free for us to attend! Hope to see you here! Jean Metzger


  2. shaunhays says:

    see you there!


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