The Word “Chalk”

A few definitions and other uses of the word Chalk gathered by a Chalk Champ from Chicago

The Art Of: Managing Courage

I haven’t allowed myself to write anything for a while… it was necessary for me to take time to reassess my stress-levels and my physical/mental/spiritual health. Today i began to write again. If you have the time, please comment with feedback. Im contemplating a Kickstarter for a new book and seminar. I know it needs…

LaborDay Weekend Pictures

This weekend was a hot mess! Haha it was physically hot and I made a huge mess creating artwork for two events. I really shouldn’t push myself like this… I know. I kept hydrated and as cool as was possible considering my health. Here are pictures from both Kewannee Hog Days (Sunday Sept. the 6th…

Announcing the Judges:

The First Annual Chicago Chalk Champ sponsored Chalk Art Festival at Winston Plaza is August 8, 2015 at Winston Plaza, Melrose Park, IL. The theme is “Celebrate Summer!” 50 Artists will Celebrate Summer with vibrant colors provided by Champ Sticks ™ and the public will be voting on their favorites via Twitter!  There will be…

CHAMP STICKS – Artist Chalk

Champ Sticks tm is Premium Street Art Chalk from the Chicago Chalk Champ – tested worldwide under extreme conditions for remarkable results every time!