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Art Lessons Big and Small

Recently several people approached me with a strange request to participate in a comic or graphic Novel and one person simply said “Shaun, do that comic!” I suppose they perceived there was a desire there or lost project in my brain somewhere or something… idk? Anyway, in looking through some old file backup I found this image… In building the new structure of all I’m doing now, and travelling everywhere doing live art, I had completely forgotten about this idea.
The last few years have taken so many twists that when I see the old image below I just shake my head with bewilderment!

Shaun Hays, Chalk Champ, Artist, Author of "How To Be An Art Ninja" releases Series of Books and Instruction Videos.
Shaun Hays, Chalk Champ, Artist, Author of “How To Be An Art Ninja” releases Series of Books and Instruction Videos.


*When I saved this old image, I was getting ready for “Phase1 pre-Order” to enable the creation and release of a new art lesson series to supplement my income of speaking and speed chalk art. The Lesson here: I simply wasn’t ready to commit to the full concept. Mostly out of desire to do it right the first time.

3D Chalk was helping but not yet in full swing year round. At that time, I had released a small motivational book about creating fire in your heart and stoking that fire into a life changing movement… I didn’t understand marketing and book publishing, so I self-published a couple hundred and only sold that many. I didn’t have the right connections and frankly my heart felt motivation didn’t meet up with my lack of aggressive discipline. Another worthy lesson learned.
To switch things up from Chalks and Motivational Talks, the “Art Ninja” series was to be part Comic Book and part instructional with photos and other illustrations, accompanied by a DVD or CD ROM for each book. (I always intended on drawing a better ninja but I was only in the brainstorming phase, and this was from a very quick, and loose drawing with a felt tip marker on very “bleed prone” pulp paper. #geterdun )
LOTS of great things happened soon after which took my attention away from ever moving forward on the project. I was going to include all my strengths in illustration, including chalk, pastels etc but it was going to be just a general idea of great shortcuts and building blocks for anyone wanting to be a better artist. The funny thing is, I always felt I had NO IDEA how to teach simple concepts… I felt and still feel like you should have some truly basic skills before coming to me for any instruction, or its just wasting our time because ANYONE can teach you the basics. Well, that’s simply NOT true. About 20 years ago, I taught several basics to my nephews in a booklet I made for them as a Christmas present. I also included some advanced techniques so they could advance quickly if they wanted.
Turns out, one of them did. He was only 4 at the time and is now selling artwork around the globe. He’s trained himself in a style of artwork I find incredible and done almost everything, since that first booklet, on his own! Check him out here: Shaun’s Nephew (truly a Ninja of art)
My other nephew’s and neices are all Super Cool and Ninja’s in their own categories, but that’s for another post!
Perhaps if enough interest is shown, I will get back on this “Art Ninja” project, but I cannot add it in right away. If I do, the graphics and all will be redone and the books will be full color glossy pages and each include video instructional worthy of a network broadcast. I look back and think “I want to be proud of this if it is still in circulation 40 years from now.” I have thought of doing a Crowd Funding Page, but until I have time to assess the expenses involved, I simply cannot justify setting it up.
I am interested in your thoughts – would you like to become an Art Ninja? Do you think Art is important? Would you recommend it or buy it for someone? Please comment on my FaceBook Fan Page – I’m going to post this article there too.
Thank you for reading and commenting! – Shaun
Big Announcements!

Live CHAMP Events – Open To The Public


Everywhere I go, people are always asking: “where can I see some of your works or hear you speak? ”

Well, my art work is often temporary or performance based and often it is for private groups (not open for the public to attend). This makes it difficult or impossible for many to meet up with me on site. I am changing this somewhat in 2015-2016:


(I will do my best to update you here on this list)

2016 Schedule of Events: 

Two festivals are currently in contract talks and I cannot wait to promote them!

July 15-17 2016 Chalk Art Festival (IL)

September 25 2016 5th annual Hooked On Art!

Currently holding off on updating my complete calendar as we hand off some online presence to someone much better than I,,, stay tuned.


2017 – IRELAND in MARCH! 


2015 Schedule

July 29th 2015 – FREE CHALK SEMINAR!!! Winston Plaza  – (learn how to use CHAMP STICKS and techniques for pavement artwork by the Chicago Chalk Champ, Shaun Hays.

August 5th  2015– FREE CHALK SEMINAR!!! Winston Plaza  – (learn how to use CHAMP STICKS and techniques for pavement artwork by the Chicago Chalk Champ, Shaun Hays.

August 1st, 2015 – join Shaun Hays in Kewannee, IL for Zion Lutheran’s Family Friendly “Faith and Hope” Chalk Art Festival.

August 8th, 2015 – Chalk Art Fest!! Enter as an artist or just come for fun!

CHICAGO CHALK CHAMP SPONSORED Chalk-Art-Competition – in the CHICAGO area! FREE to attend! FREE TO ENTER AND COMPETE!!!! Artists Interested should click here for details which includes the TWO artist seminars (above) from me: Shaun Hays, CHICAGO CHALK CHAMP!

Aug 10 2015 private  non profit event

Aug 14 2015 private corporate event

Aug 23 2015 – Risen Savior Church, Chicago – morning

August 29th 2015 – Skokie, IL – “Back Lot Bash” Shaun will be rocking downtown Skokie (5120 Oakten Street or nearby) at noon to 4pm. Come get photos with Shaun’s amazing illusion artwork! For more on the Back Lot Bash.


September 6th 2015 – Hog Days – Kewannee, IL

September 12th, 13th 2015 – Renlassier, IN

September 14th – 18th 2015 ARTPRIZE BUILD – Grand Rapids, MI

ART PRIZE BUILD! Come out and watch me attack yet another World’s First!

September 19th 2015 – CHALK FLOOD – Grand Rapids, MI

I will be completing a 3D work with a book/Library theme (see its beginning by watching this video!)

Sept 18 thru October 10 2015– Art Prize (Shauns Art on Display at Downtown Market)

September 26th 2015– Frontline Foundations Art Festival, IN

October 2 2015 holding for ARBEAT LIVE

October 11-17th 2015 ARTPRIZE 7 Teardown, Grand Rapids, MI (still booking events in MI, IN IL)

End of OCTOBER 2015– charity  walk – TBD


December 2 2015– holding for ARTBEAT LIVE

December 5 2015 – Annual Winter Gala


Shaun hays, Chicago Chalk Champ - Sharing Art and Love with the World!
Shaun hays, Chicago Chalk Champ – Sharing Art and Love with the World!