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Quick Overview for 2017

This page will give you insight to the wonder of Chicago Chalk Champ, Shaun Hays.

When you have selected pictures and read the info, please come back to this link to connect with us and get a free consultation, or simply call 1(312) 233-2620

Average pricing is between $1k and $3K for Locals

Indoor, mess-free options! Delivery and install, or live artist(s)!


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Dogust 2016 – Keeping my priorities Straight (and myself healthy) when things get busy.

The last thing I want to be accused of, is being ungrateful for work, however sometimes life becomes so busy all you can do is look forward to your next day off! That’s me right now. Here’s a taste of my schedule in August: (im calling it Dogust because im working like a dog in the dog days of summer etc)

  • 8 commissioned chalk art canvasses (48″x 60″)
  • 10 cases (+) of Champ Sticks ™ to create and deliver
  • 3 Charity Fundraiser Appearances and Auctions
  • 2 private paid functions
  • 1 Master Class (teaching chalk art techniques)
  • 1 chalk art festival centerpiece
  • 1 International Corporate Paid 3D Chalk Marketing Centerpiece (major Client)
  • 1 Private Corporate Party 3D chalk art delivery (Im out of town)
  • 2 presentations for Chicago Public Schools – Fine Arts Festivals
  • 4 days of just …driving to another location

Of course this doesn’t include the countless hours of emailing clients (one client and I emailed back and forth over 40 times recently before the subject of the artwork was decided), phone calls, art/sketch submissions, Arranging the pickups/deliveries of artwork for clients, discussing calendar dates with booking agent(s)… Oh! and lets not forget that my wife (who is being very supportive/patient with it all) is asking me to find a spot in all that to go get my updated blood work and urine tests done before going back to the nephrologist in September.

Im so looking forward to Vaccatio… Oh shoot! I forgot one thing:

  • book a roundtrip ticket back to Chicago in the middle of my Florida Vacation at the end of the month

(takes a deep breath and looks at calendar)

canstockphoto4534650 vacation

*While Im typing this all out…

Im thinking of how I can give my son and wife the best of me while always giving my all to my clients… Often someone loses. Often it is my health that pays the price. I am committed to being the best I can be – always looking to improve – in business and in my relationships. I have learned that the best way to do that is to keep myself aware of my mental and physical health. I remind myself all the time that I am Blessed to have the opportunity to “play with Chalk” for a living and to support my wife and son while doing it. I have paid a dear price to get here… now its time to enjoy the view.

If you are an artist: do it well and have fun!

If you are a husband, wife or parent: do it well and have fun!

You only get one time around… or so they say.

Big Announcements!

Live CHAMP Events – Open To The Public


Everywhere I go, people are always asking: “where can I see some of your works or hear you speak? ”

Well, my art work is often temporary or performance based and often it is for private groups (not open for the public to attend). This makes it difficult or impossible for many to meet up with me on site. I am changing this somewhat in 2015-2016:


(I will do my best to update you here on this list)

2016 Schedule of Events: 

Two festivals are currently in contract talks and I cannot wait to promote them!

July 15-17 2016 Chalk Art Festival (IL)

September 25 2016 5th annual Hooked On Art!

Currently holding off on updating my complete calendar as we hand off some online presence to someone much better than I,,, stay tuned.


2017 – IRELAND in MARCH! 


2015 Schedule

July 29th 2015 – FREE CHALK SEMINAR!!! Winston Plaza  – (learn how to use CHAMP STICKS and techniques for pavement artwork by the Chicago Chalk Champ, Shaun Hays.

August 5th  2015– FREE CHALK SEMINAR!!! Winston Plaza  – (learn how to use CHAMP STICKS and techniques for pavement artwork by the Chicago Chalk Champ, Shaun Hays.

August 1st, 2015 – join Shaun Hays in Kewannee, IL for Zion Lutheran’s Family Friendly “Faith and Hope” Chalk Art Festival.

August 8th, 2015 – Chalk Art Fest!! Enter as an artist or just come for fun!

CHICAGO CHALK CHAMP SPONSORED Chalk-Art-Competition – in the CHICAGO area! FREE to attend! FREE TO ENTER AND COMPETE!!!! Artists Interested should click here for details which includes the TWO artist seminars (above) from me: Shaun Hays, CHICAGO CHALK CHAMP!

Aug 10 2015 private  non profit event

Aug 14 2015 private corporate event

Aug 23 2015 – Risen Savior Church, Chicago – morning

August 29th 2015 – Skokie, IL – “Back Lot Bash” Shaun will be rocking downtown Skokie (5120 Oakten Street or nearby) at noon to 4pm. Come get photos with Shaun’s amazing illusion artwork! For more on the Back Lot Bash.


September 6th 2015 – Hog Days – Kewannee, IL

September 12th, 13th 2015 – Renlassier, IN

September 14th – 18th 2015 ARTPRIZE BUILD – Grand Rapids, MI

ART PRIZE BUILD! Come out and watch me attack yet another World’s First!

September 19th 2015 – CHALK FLOOD – Grand Rapids, MI

I will be completing a 3D work with a book/Library theme (see its beginning by watching this video!)

Sept 18 thru October 10 2015– Art Prize (Shauns Art on Display at Downtown Market)

September 26th 2015– Frontline Foundations Art Festival, IN

October 2 2015 holding for ARBEAT LIVE

October 11-17th 2015 ARTPRIZE 7 Teardown, Grand Rapids, MI (still booking events in MI, IN IL)

End of OCTOBER 2015– charity  walk – TBD


December 2 2015– holding for ARTBEAT LIVE

December 5 2015 – Annual Winter Gala


Shaun hays, Chicago Chalk Champ - Sharing Art and Love with the World!
Shaun hays, Chicago Chalk Champ – Sharing Art and Love with the World!