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Finished – sort of…?


Artist Faire

Naperville, IL

June 26-27, 2020!

That’s right, we’re doing it again! 😃

The rest of this post was from last year and the announcement that I’d be retiring my knees. It’s been nearly 9 months and I have little to no knee pain, so, we will do a few more and see how this goes.

See you soon! – Shaun

June 22,23 2019

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone of you that made it out to help me celebrate 10 years of amazing fun in the sun and chalk art illusions!

It has been an amazing run!

(Warning: lots of talk about me… sorry)

I’ve been featured at all the places I truly wanted to chalk and so many more than I even dreamed, from Chicago (Museums, John Hancock, Navy Pier, McCormick Place, Lollapalooza, State Street, Wrigley Field, the Drake, Michigan Ave, North Beach etc etc) to NYC (west village and Soho) to all the various states and festivals around America, to international, exotic locations like Egypt and Barbados.

I’ve been featured on multiple tv shows (even internationally), many local TV interviews, and on stage in front of nearly a million people at stadiums, theaters, conferences, schools and churches over 20 years.

I have made amazing friends along the way including a minister/art teacher/ chalk artist in the Philippines who I had the great privilege to encourage at a crucial moment in his life.

I have trained many many artists over the 20 years since I first became “accidentally serious” about chalking, including several youth speakers who have used chalk talks or “chalk rock” as an addition to their portfolio, several Chalk festival champions, prophetic worship artists, and a few chalk board artists and painter/muralists too.

Probably my favorite moments were when a young artist would see me working and I’d have a moment to connect with them the way only artists can connect to each other and watch as their eyes would light up with the realization that they aren’t entirely crazy or alone and that the pursuit of art is definitely worth while… even if you don’t get paid. (But best if you can also get paid)

All of that being said, many people will find this announcement troubling or disheartening. The fact is my knees can’t handle the work anymore, my heart is longing for something else, and my Father in Heaven has signaled that is time to move ahead.

Faith and I have discussed this change for a long time (years). We are excited about the change but sad in many ways as well. There may be some opportunities that arise sometime in the not so close future, where I’ll don the kneepads again, chalk in hand, walking in slow motion down a hot asphalt street with a look of determination in my eye… but until that day: June 22 and 23rd was YOUR FINAL OPPORTUNITY to come see me creating LIVE on pavement and get your own super fun, interactive photo with my art.

Btw- Yes I’ll keep posting art online. I just won’t be doing public 3D chalk like this as my job anymore.

I want to assure you once again, you haven’t seen the last of my talent and haven’t seen the best of me either. There is always more beneath the surface than you see of my public postings.. much like the freehand illusions I have created in the last decade.

What creative tool will I wield next? (Something not using my knees so much I hope!)

Big Announcements!, General, Keynotes and Seminars, Schools

Should I really do this?? HALF OFF!

I’m running the craziest special EVER for education K-12 groups:

Half off and even better for up to 3 days of back to back presentations anywhere in the lower 48 US states!

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Call for more info:

(312) 233-2620

Act now! Very limited space on my calendar to do this, so, many will miss out on this once in a lifetime offer!

*includes live chalk artwork for each speech! You keep the final masterpiece(s)!!

*speeches customized for each group after phone consultations – pick your topic(s) and funnel your funds any way you like.

*over 15 years of international speaking experience

*international entertainer and motivational speaker

Call today before I come to my senses! XP

Chalk Champ Information, Chalk Talk, Chicago Events, Family Entertainment, General, Keynotes and Seminars

How to hire the Chalk Champ for your event!

Hey everybody! Shaun Here… I do many events every month from my popular outdoor and indoor 3D Chalk Illusions to Speed chalking and #chalking4charity (a favorite for fundraisers). You may want to get on my calendar before your date is taken by someone else, but are unsure where to begin.

  1. send an email to shaunhays (AT) with the Subject “Chalk Booking” – I usually respond within 24 hrs.
  2. Call direct if you prefer – 1(three One Two) 233-2620 and leave a message if you do not reach me.
  3. When we discuss your needs I’ll able to give you an immediate price, or at least a price range and tell you if I need to know more.
  4. I will send you a contract for services which requires a deposit to hold the event on my calendar, as well as your first invoice.
  5. You can pay any way that suits your needs including major Credit Cards, but be aware that the deposit will be processed for your event to go “Firm”.
  6. Final Payment is due upon arrival at your event – *typically no work is performed until I receive your last payment. *Please discuss this with Shaun.
Big Announcements!, Chicago Events, General, Keynotes and Seminars

Midwest School Assemblies with Universal Appeal

Im beginning to create a list of some great school and youth organization presenters I have personally seen and become aquainted with.

I will compile more but this is the guy who truly inspired me to begin promoting other people on my site here:


Cicoff – fascinating k-12 presentations – international entertainer – polished performer – all around good guy – Consistent

Juggling Artist
Superior Juggling in the vein of America’s Got Talent 2016 Finalist Viktor Kee who has been an inspiration to Cicoff.

Cicoff (Keek -OV) studied in Europe and US – Educated – Humorous – Thought Provoking – Budget Friendly ($800-$1500 per day) – great for multiple presentations – parent and family events too!

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Hey Chicago Area!

Shaun Hays - Motivational Speaker and Chicago Chalk Champ is actively looking for 6 schools (k-12) who are looking for a truly inspiring, experienced speaker to add an exciting, creative and artistic element to their students experience. Call today!
Shaun Hays – Motivational Speaker and Chicago Chalk Champ is actively looking for 26 schools (k-12) who are looking for a truly inspiring, experienced speaker to add an exciting, creative and artistic element to their students experience. Call today! Shauns calendar is booking up fast!


Shaun Hays, Chicago Chalk Champ, has a lifetime of experience with mentoring youth and over 15 years experience with successful, professional student assemblies Nation-wide! His amazing story and skills at chalk artwork has taken him around the globe.

Chicago area schools and Libraries can inquire about an additional 3D chalk demonstration for indoor facilities or public display outdoors.

Courage and Management
Keynotes and Seminars

The Art Of: Managing Courage

I haven’t allowed myself to write anything for a while… it was necessary for me to take time to reassess my stress-levels and my physical/mental/spiritual health.
Today i began to write again. If you have the time, please comment with feedback. Im contemplating a Kickstarter for a new book and seminar.
I know it needs proofreading, editing, rewriting etc. I simply wrote the thoughts as best i could formulate as a rough draft.

Excerpt from “The Art of Managing Courage”
copyright 2016 – Shaun A. Hays

We have all felt run down and defeated. Sometimes, we get back up, just to get knocked back on our assumptions. Does it make you mad or does it make you want to give up permanently? I know how that feels.

I have taken a continual beating from this planet and its policies of “defeat the weak, hurting and lonely” and the system that rewards the greedy, brutal and deceptive. As a former child victim of abuses and diagnosed (rightly) with PTSD, BIPOLAR, Rapid Cycling, and, this year; Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease… I am fully aware of the struggle.

I know that a quick post never truly does your pain justice. i also know from experience that the harder you try to convey the reality of your pain and struggles, the less you are heard. Generally, Humanity isn’t impressed, or concerned with defeat, failings, loss, grief, pain and weakness…even if it is an unjust dealing at the hand of an evil antagonist. Nope. Often it will follow the matra of “Hear no evil, see no evil…” and walk to the other side of the road to avoid eye contact. That is; until courage is added to equation.

When courage is added something amazing is borne upon the wind surrounding the “suffering ignored”. When courage is seen in the face of suffering and agony, inspiration is birthed in even the most calloused and distracted of humanity.

Courage is oft misunderstood. We have allowed our teacher to be what we have seen in the media… that of movie star actors sprayed with water to emulate sweat or tears working up an imagined emotion as they yell a tagline and run with weapon in hand to “turn the tide of battle”. Yet we say things like: “it takes true courage to raise a child in today’s world” and applaud the true courage of a survivor of cancer or the survivor of a random act of violence.

We have some confusion surrounding our definitions of courage, but lets address the biggest void right now: Most people have no idea where courage comes from and even less idea how to “Manage Courage”.

Right now, if you are hurting, you may have little to no courage left in you. That is a huge problem if you wish to change things. Courage is needed to make choices required to change your circumstances. This is always true. The ability to manage courage is paramount to living life successfully. The ongoing management of courage toward a goal is called Tenacity.

A few things are definitely needed to cultivate and manage courage continuously, and you can start right now by assessing the presence of these things in your everyday life:

1) HOPE – (that circumstances can truly change)
2) VISION – (clear understanding of the process)
3) SUPPORT – (because deep inside, we know we are prone to fail somehow)

Take any of these away and you will paralyze an otherwise courageous person. Circumstances will overwhelm them, and eventually, they will give up. Add these three; manage them continually, and you will create a contagious tenacity in any person… The kind of tenacity that empires are built upon.

This is just the beginning.

I urge you to take this information seriously and soberly. To use this information merely for self gain is ill-advised and can have such negative repercussions as to destroy your ability to recover from the carnage. In your haste, you may set off a firestorm of energy that consumes the very thing you set out to accomplish. History agrees with me here. There is no room for the selfish. Banish that before you continue.

Excerpt from “The Art of Managing Courage”
copyright 2016 – Shaun A. Hays

**Note from the author: It has been a year of great testing. Personally, Nationally and Globally. I have had to step back from writing in 2016 to deal with my family, financial changes, and health concerns. As i have reviewed the notes and writings made in my first draft of this book’s first chapter, I cannot help but see an important and timely discussion emerging. I must continue to write and work towards the completion of this book. Prayers would be most helpful.