Finished – sort of…?

Shaun Hays, Chicago Chalk Champ – final public 3D Chalk Artwork announced to happen at Naperville Art Faire June 22,23 2019

Should I really do this?? HALF OFF!

Creative, in-demand School Assemblies by Chicago Chalk Champ are half off for a limited time! 15 years+ USA Keynote Speaker, Author and Artist. This has NEVER before been offered during the Spring. Act now to get on his limited engagement schedule.

Midwest School Assemblies with Universal Appeal

Im beginning to create a list of some great school and youth organization presenters I have personally seen and become aquainted with. I will compile more but this is the guy who truly inspired me to begin promoting other people on my site here:   Cicoff – fascinating k-12 presentations – international entertainer – polished…

Hey Chicago Area!

  Shaun Hays, Chicago Chalk Champ, has a lifetime of experience with mentoring youth and over 15 years experience with successful, professional student assemblies Nation-wide! His amazing story and skills at chalk artwork has taken him around the globe. Chicago area schools and Libraries can inquire about an additional 3D chalk demonstration for indoor facilities…

The Art Of: Managing Courage

I haven’t allowed myself to write anything for a while… it was necessary for me to take time to reassess my stress-levels and my physical/mental/spiritual health. Today i began to write again. If you have the time, please comment with feedback. Im contemplating a Kickstarter for a new book and seminar. I know it needs…