Finished – sort of…?

Shaun Hays, Chicago Chalk Champ – final public 3D Chalk Artwork announced to happen at Naperville Art Faire June 22,23 2019

Art Lessons Big and Small

Recently several people approached me with a strange request to participate in a comic or graphic Novel and one person simply said “Shaun, do that comic!” I suppose they perceived there was a desire there or lost project in my brain somewhere or something… idk? Anyway, in looking through some old file backup I found…

The Word “Chalk”

A few definitions and other uses of the word Chalk gathered by a Chalk Champ from Chicago

CHAMP STICKS – Artist Chalk

Champ Sticks tm is Premium Street Art Chalk from the Chicago Chalk Champ – tested worldwide under extreme conditions for remarkable results every time!

The long and short of 3D chalk Art (part 1)

In Short: you don’t know what you think you know. This was an article in progress when it posted and announced a follow up article on June 12. Unfortunately some unexpected health issues prevented me from finishing. I had already set the post to automatically update ahead of time, so, if it confused anyone, my…