Now Booking 2019

Filling in the calendar is always fun and this year we have many exciting events on the docket – you should get in on this!

With past clients like Chipotle, Redbull, Macy’s, Shedd Aquarium, Gallagher Way @Wrigley Field, Adler Planetarium, Navy Pier, Lollapolooza and hundreds more, this promises to be our most creatively colorful year in a decade!

Think you can’t be a part? Don’t assume anything! After all creative thinking and fun is a staple of this business! I’m looking for new clients to add to the schedule throughout 2019… Your event/idea is perfect.

“Don’t leave me hangin!”

I knew you wouldn’t – in fact, I’ll work extra hard to make sure you get included… The more you work with me and let me do what I do best, the more I’ll give you a great deal… Sound like a deal?

Next move: call me at 312.233.2620 to run your idea by me. 

Let make it a great and creatively awesome year together!

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