Let’s Do This! 2019

Just when you thought it was over…

I seriously have talked about shutting it all down. I mean, my knees have taken enough!!


But it seems the public has different ideas.

I really should be grateful, and I am (I’m ecstatic) because my calendar is filling up like crazy and the offers keep pouring in for work.

This is what every artist dreams of: do what they love HOW they love to do it and to have people searching them out without even advertising! I took a job for a year driving a bus for more steady work and fit events in between regular shifts and over weekends, but the chalk it calls to me. My wife keeps looking at me saying “wow” as we try to get a handle on the calendar. While I’m certainly not closing doors to any future steady work opportunities, it seems that 2019 is full steam ahead for CHALK!

Look out we are only gonna get better!!

Here’s a review of some of the latest chalk masterpieces created by yours truly. Enjoy!

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