Sugar Grove Corn Boil Festival 2018

Last minute change of plans!!

Sugar Grove on Rt 47 where I created a 3D chalk piece in the Family Zone as my gift to and from Calvary Church West of Sugar Grove, IL.

Of course it was a corn theme…

Great pics b

thanks to Kelly C. for taking the following photos of Jackson and I.

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  1. Tim Baker says:

    I spoke to you at the Sugar Grove corn boil my name is Tim Baker I was the police officer in one of your pictures with the corn I spoke to you about my volunteering with operation snowball. I was wondering if you might be available for a presentation in November on the 9th in the early afternoon about 2 pm in Oregon Illinois.

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  2. shaunhays says:

    Officer Baker, I’d be happy to! Can we discuss this next week? What is the best way to reach you? Send to


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