ShaunHays chalk art + pirateship
Big Announcements!

Looking for ??


Pirates swiped me website! Ah, no matter me matees… we acquired so much treasure we don’t need the domain… 🙂

Now you can find Shaunhays right here on:

Note: the old emails… etc… are unavailable along with the old


UPDATE: I have now acquired the old web domain and will again be putting it to use. Stay tuned for more from and


5 thoughts on “Looking for ??”

  1. Hi Shaun, I would love to get in contact with you about a project I am working on this summer. I am looking to hire someone to do live 3D chalk art during the weekend of July 28-31 in Chicago. If you can help me or know someone that might be a good fit for this project please reach out to me at my email address below. Thanks so much!


  2. Madeline, I am booked on the 28th but currently have July 29 and 30 available. I will send you my number and we will talk about your event needs. Thank you!


  3. Hi Shaun,
    Would like to touch base with you about working with our summer camp program and an evening at our outdoor entertainment series on Wednesday over the course of the summer from mid-June through the end of July.


  4. Chuck, Thank you for connecting with me. Forgive me for not calling you back right away. My phone has been acting goofy for the last few days and I’ve been running most things through that as of late. Im getting that (hopefully ) fixed later today and we can discuss your needs then. Please email me @ with the best times to connect with you tonight or tomorrow (Tue). Ill probably call you form my cell: 1(630)659-8480 Thank you!


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